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Main Road

As the UK's first Silk Road University Society, we host talks, panels, and events exploring the Silk Road in both its modern and historical contexts. 

In 2020, we launched our Silk Road Think-Tank, bringing together some of Oxford's brightest student minds to explore how policy-makers can promote equity and sustainability as part of the Belt and Road Initiative. 


Building Back a Better CPEC

As Oxford University Silk Road Society moves from strength to strength, we are extremely happy to introduce our second report focussing exclusively on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the flagship initiative of the BRI.

Building on our work in “CPEC 2.0.”, this report aims to dig into how exactly CPEC can and should respond to these unprecedented times, suggesting pathways through which Pakistan can build resilience and transform its post-pandemic economy as narratives of “building back better” are growing globally.

The full report is available below. 

Summer 2021

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Kazakhstan's Step Forward

Since its independence in 1991, Kazakhstan has embarked upon a course of rapid economic, infrastructure, and sociopolitical development. In recent years, this development has grown to focus increasingly on emerging technologies and environmental concerns, most notably seen through the institutional work of the AIFC.


The following report will assess both potential avenues for growth in this direction as well as necessary improvements to further concretise existing progress on environmental issues, through a diverse series of case studies exploring everything from agriculture and mining to the use of blockchain as an anti corruption tool.

The full report is available below.

Summer 2021


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BRI in Europe

As the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) expands further into Europe questions remain as to the Initiative’s ability to synergise with a plethora of political goals, regulations, and in some cases, candidate EU membership bids among China’s partner states.

This report discusses how Chinese-European relations through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) could assist in the pursuit of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). By building on the extensive work already undertaken by the UN’s BRI-SDG team, the Oxford University Silk Road Society examines countries within the 16+1 Cooperation Framework to recommend how to best pursue the SDGs in this area in alignment with the BRI.

The full report is available below.

Summer 2021