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Applications Are Now Closed

Thank you for your interest in joining the OUSRS team. Applications are currently closed, but will reopen in January 2022.

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Why join us?

Policy Report

For most of our project cycles, each analyst will receive the opportunity to embark on independent research and coursework, guided and approved by the team leader, for a relevant area of interest that impacts the BRI. These case studies will be reviewed and compiled into a policy report at the conclusion of the project cycle.

Tailored Policy Advice

On top of the case studies produced by analysts, the policy report will also include tailored policy advice across the case studies collated from each team. Analysts will work with their team leaders to deliver analytical insight into some of the most pressing issues facing the BRI. This policy report will be published, printed and distributed to our key partners.

Specialised Training

Every term, OUSRS curates a bespoke training programme specifically catering to the chosen expertise of each team. The committee oversees the conceptualisation and delivery of a tailored training programme, including a series of seminar fellowship sessions aimed at providing analysts with a broad range from which to select a focus area for their case studies.

Exclusive Networking

OUSRS has an established network of partners with unique interests related to the BRI. Our partners work with us to ideate project delegation, review presentations at the end of term, and deliver keynote sessions in an exclusive, small-group setting. Analysts for each term benefit from the expertise of our partners, as well as the privilege of networking opportunities.

Past speakers include:

  • Kerry Brown, Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of the Lau China Institute at King’s College Institute

  • Isabel Hilton, Founder and Senior Advisor of China Dialogue Trust

  • Calvin Quek, Senior Environmental Specialist at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

  • Stephen Olson, Research Fellow at the Hinrich Foundation of Sustainable Trade

  • Tais Reznikova and Rustam Issakhojayev, CAREC

  • Stephen Lezak, PhD Candidate at the Scott Polar Research Institute

  • Rafay Alam, Environmental Lawyer, and founding partner of Saleem, Alam & Company


At the end of every term, analysts from each team culminate their research findings in a presentation which will be delivered in week 9 or 10 to our partner institutions and representatives from key BRI stakeholder industries, ranging from foreign policy to sustainable trade.

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